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Green Rosie

Meet Fumée and Foggy the Moggy

Sadly one of our kittens was killed a couple of weeks ago but not wanting the mice to once again get the upper hand (paw?) today we went off to collect a new kitten - and came back with two .  So meet Fumée (on the left) and Foggy the Moggy her brother:


They are beautiful    Hope they learn to be good mousers for you  
Grandma Bodger

I love there colour lets hope they turn out good mousers
Green Rosie

Foggy is very similar in looks (but not temperament) to poor little Smokey.  Fumée is named in his honour as it means smoked and it sounded more a female than a male name.  Both begin with F as the French name their pets each year with a given letter - F this year, G next etc. So now we have Fumée, Foggy and Firkin (and Henry who we got in England so is exempt from the letter naming tradition).

So cute  

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