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Meatloaf to die for!

This is so yum I had to share!

Sorry about the link

Looks a good recipe Sue     just not sure about dried tomato soup  what is th packet quantity and can we get that kind of thing here?

Just a normal soup pkt size(not individual)
Reckon ketchup might be a good substitute

Don't most S/markets still sell concentrated pkt. soups. Heinz (?)
Not talking about Crappa Soup.

Yep they should do it, a Knorr pkt soup would do it.

Also another thing you can do, it get a pkt of onion soup, a tin of Nestle reduced cream, a squeeze of lemon juice(vinegar works too)
Mix the lot in a bowl, refridgerate for 20 mins before serving, this is a great dip.

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