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Meat Goslings?

Are there any goose experts out there?

We're thinking of buying some commercial meat goslings next spring to take care of the  grass in our paddocks. Since our daughters old ponies went to the big stable in the sky, stopping the grass taking over has been quite a problem.
We don't do sheep and so far, we've been lending a local farmers cows to help out.
We've already got a breeding set of geese here but they haven't really put a dent in the problem and I'm thinking that around a dozen or so meat goslings might do the job.
I've done a bit of research and come up with this website. The company is located way too far away from us but the information on the site looks to be pretty useful.

They state that ordinary chick crumbs  could do young goslings some harm and suggest purpose made feed but where the heck can you get that from? The gosling food seems very specialised and tricky to get hold of.
I have however got a little corn mill that I use to mill pig feed, so if I could come up with a suitable recipe, then maybe making my own ration might be an option.
I also need to find a commercial gosling producer that's within fairly easy striking distance of North Wales.

Have you tried the muscovies -they graze like geese (downside is the ducks can fly) and breed prolifically. I had a trio once -one hatched 21 the other 19 and they ate a lot of grass. Seemed to love eating the lawnmower cuttings as they could get more inside them quickly.
As I recall the goose meat ones are something like a mix of Ebden size  X Chinese for egg numbers so they can hatch loads. But I am no expert.
Rare one

My brother has some at present, will ask him over the weekend what he is feeding them .

I've always fed them pheasant crumb with no ill effects but they always manage to get at the hens layers pellets

It's the coccidiostats in the ordinary chick crumbs that are harmful to ducks and geese.
Get some "Non ACS" crumbs and they will be fine.  
Dave C

I've fancied Geese for a while as have the same "too much grass problem "
But it's the mess that puts me off and if I have movable sheds for them to graze fresh grass further down the field they will be getting into serious fox territory!

We have 4 liveries on now as well as our 2 horses which helps balance the extra mortgage, but they put a lot of wear & tear on the place, so constant maintenance for me.

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