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Maybe a Ginger Bi**h no more!

After all my trials and tribulations with doing the dreaded stressage with Holly, i dabbled with the showjumping at a local PC show at the weekend and managed a placing in each class. A 2nd, joint 4th and good grief a 1st in the open. 95cm in the first round and a metre in the jump off, which no one told me the height of until i had jumped. I was so chuffed with her i forgave her to 2 god awful tests we had done in the morning.

Needless to say she got big hugs loads of pats and the day off yesterday


Unfortunately no pics as the stupid computer wont let me attach a picture and the photographer went home early

Congratulations     I must say that we try to steer Doodle towards dressage rather than show jumping  but the horse will show what they are best at.
Cantering was traumatic enough for me, I don't ever remember trying jumps  

Great stuff       great how their place in life changes so sudden



For a horse with loads of BD dressage points as a 7 yr old she sure doesnt want to do it now and much prefers jumping!


Maybe this is the test for her, I've judged it a few times and ridden it at least once and a chestnut mare was involved every time!

The Test
1. A. Enter at ordinary serpentine.
X. Sprawl. Salute.

2. C. Stop dead. Stare in horror at judge and shy to left.
Continue at ordinary working gallop.

3. E. Stagger left 20 or 15 or 22 meters in diameter circle or pear shape
or five pointed star. Avoid excessive crossing of legs.

4. K. Begin to halt.
Z. Keep trying.
F. You can do it.
B. Pulley rein. Give up. Continue at out of hand gallop.

5. H. Regain right stirrup. Continue at ordinary trop, bouncing.

6. MKT Change rein. Free Walk loose reins. Remove horse from judge's
luncheon table. Ask judge for leg up. Jump back into ring.

7. Z. Turn down centre Line.
Halt. Grin. Scratch. Burst into tears. Leave area at free walk on long
reins, loose language.

Sounds like afew dressage tests that I have witnessed

Did get a very nice comment about the half pass we'd done after the version of that test I rode, trouble was it was meant to be a prelim test so nothing more complicated than a 20m circle!

Aaaah yes... now I remember why I gave up dressage. I particularly remember the 'ordinary working gallop' and jumping out of the arena.

Claire - sounds as if she may have found her niche. Horses for courses and all that.  

Great news Claire  

That sounds a bit like a dressage test I did on my NF years ago  

Lurve that test, will give it a go next time, sounds so much more fun than the usual stiffen, resist, fling head up in air and stare at the clouds before lowering head and powering through the movements whilst leaning like buggery on riders hands and shooting off if any leg pressure is used! The last trot down the centre line usually has some comment of nice "bounce" into trot, shame about the horse leaning!


The dressage test by dtalbot .. hilarious        
I was going to forward to my daughter but im sure she's already done that one  

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