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Masonry Stove ( Moved from Biomass- hijacking thread)

Masonry Stove-
These things have their roots in cold climates where every bit of heat needs to be utilised rather than our traditional open fires which are highly inefficient.
You may have heard of them as being Russian/Finnish stoves or heaters.

The idea is that you burn a very fierce fire maximum burn so that the firebox gets very very hot. Every bit of energy is converted into heat as it even cracks the water vapour in the wood  from h2o  into h h o and that burns as well. No smoke !
This heat circulates through a series of chambers with a large thermal mass absorbing the heat like a night storage heater does.
Once the fire dies down you close a damper high up which traps the heat and stops it escaping up the chimney.- They are reckoned to be 90% efficient.

When we were renovating our old farmhouse I came across an old doorway which had been closed off right next to a redundant flue.
Hmmm what can I put here so I had a go using plans I found on the net
Missouri stove Plans.
It kept us warm for the last 2 winters.
These things can be quite fancy take a look at
There's plenty of pics
I  built ours so that the business end is in a boiler room attached at the back of the house. The only thing you can see inside the house is a brick wall exuding heat.
You would need about 12-16 ft  of chamber channels above the firebox and a closing damper at the top next to the exit into the chimney.

This is an alternative design idea which retains the traditional fireplace look:

Wish I could fit one in the living room fireplace but some of those look bigger than my living room!
green man

Interesting but thoroughly hideous every one, I could not see that would be cheaper or more efficient than an underground heat exchanger, the energy used in firing up all that masonry to make the brick will take some pay back!

green man wrote:
I could not see that would be cheaper or more efficient than an underground heat exchanger

Underground heat exchangers (GSHP) use more per heat unit than heating on plain old vanilla mains gas.

couple of pics
The brick wall in the corner next to the inglenook is where the masonry stove is located. As the brick wall is only one brick thick more heat is given off there than the side wall next to the inglenook but the side wall although slower to warm up retains heat longer. The same applies to the inglenook wall in the kitchen pic which is the other side.[img]


The business end is in a boiler room at the back of the house- keeps the dust  out of the living area.
The dog is hiding the air intake/ashpit
next up is a door to the firebox
next up is the first flueway cleanout point
At the top is the damper to trap the heat in after a hot burn.
The flueways work like this.
Exit firebox back right then back to front then right to left then front to back then up to the next level etc.

This is the firebox  27 inches deep 18 inches high 18 inches wide.
A top down burn produces no carbon deposits.
Must remember to put some firecement or fireclay at the back to seal it up.

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