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Martin Ridley - Wild Life Artist.

I'd not heard of this chap before this morning but  wow ! Have a look at his work. I can't afford one of his original works, but he does however have  a large portfolio of affordable prints. They're unbelievably good, what a gift he has.

There are a few that I wouldn't mind having. Which ones rock your boat?

Most of them!! I love the ones with the owls on and the Golden Eagle was incredible!


they are great but way out of my world

The Roaring Stag and the Flushed Phesants

Even better? What do you think?

We've got a few bare walls here that are crying out for pictures.  
Dave C

Love the boxing Hares  

At the moment, I fancy this one.

and possibly this one?

A bit expensive though for prints that aren't limited ? What do you think?

thanks for the links
love these artists and I can see myself spending many a long dark evening looking at these sites  

This artists work is out of this world but I can't see anywhere that says that he does prints. Have a look. His pouncing fox in particular is much better than the one that I mentioned earlier.

They are stunning pics  

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