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marrow rum .

Yes that's what I have been up to this week , one of the guys up at the allotments asked me if I had any use for a few marrows ?  well anyone who knows me will tell you I never say no !! so on Tuesday that was my job I have 3 of them sitting in jugs doing there own thing, I'm looking forward to next year already !
Rick & Carol

is this like blackberry rum/sloe gin as a process or something more magical

My mum, Granma Bodger, used to make something very similar to this using a marrow, lots of sugar and a bottle of rum.
I have a dim and distant memory as a child of there being a huge marrow in the bath with a bottle of rum stuck up its ar*e with its contents slowly dripping into the marrow.  It was ages before we allowed to put the coal back in the bath.

All sounds a bit rum to me..  

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