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mrs tiggywinkle

Marrakesh......sorry lots of photos

Just come back from Marrakesh...had a lovely time apart from the weather. It rained 5 out of 7 days, we had hoped to get some late sunshine, but never mind, there's always next time.

The Mosque at sunset

These chickens were in a small poultry market waiting to be killed along with geese, pigeons and ducks. It was a case of pick your own!!

This man was scrapping fat from the skin in the Tannery. It was quite smelly but not as bad as I had expected, due I think to the cold weather. Cant imagine what it would be like in the heat.

Then they go into vats of urine and pigeon poo to soften them.

Snakes you could hold or have draped round your neck. They were'nt very active due to the cold and rain.


WOW great photos thanks for sharing did you have a snake round your neck I couldn't think of anything I;d like less

Very nice, so are you an old hippy then Mrs TW.  

Great piccy's   except the snakes, I hate snakes

Marrakesh is a great place. You can certainly get through some film and flash cards. Great Phots.



Great pics, looks a fantastic place.

lovely pics - thanks for sharing. Sorry the weather wasn't good for you.

Great pictures - so colourful isn't it?  

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