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Mard arse piglets?

Mard arse piglets?
Mid morning yesterday and I weaned a litter of eight week old GOS piglets from their mum. I took her out of the field and left them in. Since then, they've gone from being like Piranhas who ate anything and everything, to being right wimps. They haven't cleaned their trough out since their mum Gladys, has been gone.
They look healthy enough but most of the pellets that I put in their trough this morning, are still there. Would you 'A' leave the pellets where they are and not give them anything until they're gone? Or 'B' take them up and try them again with them later on tonight?
I genuinely haven't had any litters that have responded to mums departure like this before. Wimps!

I have not had anything to do with pigs but i go on the theory they will eat when hungry

Yep, not a piggy person again, but I agree.
Have found that 'belly over brain' is the way forward with livestock
Rick & Carol

will be interested in their progress

They've been eating normally for the last few days.

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