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Dave C

Manure ash

I always add a dusting of ash to my beds from the muck pile.

This year I have loads to get rid of, so my question is:-

If I add a deep mulch of manure ash, will this have any negative results on my soil?

Have a look at this
Dave C

Thanks Rhino, that's very interesting.

My main worry is that the soil becomes too acid for veg!!

I don't know if this one helps but it's worth a look. ://
I don't think acid levels would rise but if they did you could always lime a few weeks after.

Most wood, organic and manure ash is alkaline, and so benefits acid and most clay soils.

All of the Donkey and Horse manure fuel blocks that my friend Mikki has burnt (I have posted the above manure fuel block link on at least three separate occasions over the last 3 years) have produced an alkaline ash which has benefited all the flower borders and veg patches we have used it on.

A cheap soil pH test kit can be purchased online for about 5, and although it might not be the most reliable piece of kit to use, it will give a darn good if not wholly accurate indication of the soil's type.

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