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Mantis Tiller

I bought a second hand Mantis Tiller a good few years ago. It's great once you get it running but its always been a pig to start and of late has been getting worse. A few weeks ago, I got it out of storage and put in some new fuel then exhausted myself trying to start it! Did some research and it seems that the carburettors on them need servicing quite frequently so I got on e-bay and had a look around:
Genuine Mantis Carburettor service kit: 17
Service kit from China: 2.05 inc postage.
Replacement Carburettor from China: 8.98 inc postage  

I bought the carb and the kit and to be honest wasn't expecting great things for the price. How wrong I was: I fitted the carb in not much longer than it takes to fuel the tiller, 2 pushes on the primer bulb got the fuel flowing and it started on the first pull. What was even more impressive was that it was so well set up that I couldn't improve on it. Totally brilliant and if you've got a Mantis then have a look at the link:;ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

I have a cousin who refuses to buy anything from China.
I reckon half the stuff we buy is made there anyway, so why not ?
Pretty sure a heck of a lot of 'named brands' have Chinese origins and are just 'packed in the EEC'


Indeed. The original Carb off the Tiller is made in China anyway   Getting a complete new one for half the price of a service kit from the UK is just nuts!

My brother has a Mantis Tiller. For the last couple of years I've borrowed it to use in my polytunnel. I dig the soil over with a spade and turn it over before getting a fine tilth with the Mantis. It's a very useful bit of kit.

We've got one too. Excellent tool.

I'd love the XL model but that goes for silly money. Ours cost 75 about 5 years ago and is worth it's weight in gold. Especially now it starts easily  

I had a chap bring in a Mantis for a new throttle cable a week or two ago. It turned out that you can't just buy the cable on it's own (Honda engined model), you have to have the top part of the handle and the complete plastic throttle control/ with cable pre-fitted. I was expecting a stupid price tag, but the whole lot came to not much more than 15 so i was quite impressed.

I totally agree with comments above, it is a very good machine.

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