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Manrope Knot Zipper Pull Tutorial

Here is how it is done
Start with a crown knot - pull tight

Underneath tie a wall knot - each strand goes underneath the adjacent counterclockwise strand  Do NOT tighten

Tie crown knot on top

Bring each strand below the neighboring wall knot (at A)and up through the next (at B) - repeat remaining strands

Bring each strand across and down - underneath 4 strands

Top view - before tightening

Tighten and trim ends.  The 4 strands of the last crown knot (step one) are visible in center of knot.


I can see many hours of frustration trying to get it to look the same as yours
Yorkshire Geordie

Notting to it.  

I will definitely leave it to those that can do it.  
I wonder what I can do that you can't.

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