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Manky frogs!

We've had to have the farrier out to Bella the coloured cob on three occasions over the last couple of weeks. The last visit was this morning when, Inspite us having treated them regularly with hibiscrub during this time, three of her four frogs have a bit of infection. The farrier is concerned that this might lead to canker and has told us to continue with the treatment in an effort to avert this. At the moment, its not too bad but it could be. One thing that he's suggested is that we get some kind of foot bath that we could stand her in. The idea being that we fill it with something like a formalin solution and that we get her in it with all four feet. I'm at a loss as to what we could get or do to facilitate this, has anyone got any ideas?

My friend has this problem and uses an old rubber feed trug which is shallow, unbreakable and wont hurt if the horse steps on it. I think they are called Kangaroo tubs. Good Luck,love Lizzie

Only one foot at a time though! Love Lizzie

Cut a 25 liter plastic drum length wise.

Deep enough to cover the hoof, and won't do any damage if she kicks it.

What liquid did she dip the foot into lizzie?

Not an expert on "manky frogs" but if they are manky then would soaking them and keeping them damp not compound the problem?  Maybe scrubbing them with hibiscrub and then using gentian violet would be a simpler option.

As i said i'm not an expert but when any of mine have had smelly feet i have scrubbed and then sprayed and it seemed to do the trick


Terry says.....

You need to keep the horse off the mud and in a stable for a week, if you can. He says that if it has affected three out of the four frogs then you really need to try and enforce this.

He says there is a dry powder - he's struggling to think of the name, but ask the farrier - use the dry powder rather than a bath works better.

Hibiscrub every other day.

He says do the frogs smell similar to washing up liquid?


You can see who looked after the horses can't you....I just used to rock up and ride!


He says is the front of the hoof cracked as well?

No cracked hoofs, no smell of washing up liquid and the horses have been in every night throughout the winter.
A long shot i know, but has anyone got one of these boot things that I could borrow? We've been cleaning the feet out with hibiscrub for the last couple of weeks or more and I was thinking of giving the Cleantrax soak stuff a go.

One thing you dont want is canker.

We rescued a shire years ago that had really bad thrush that turned to canker in all four and we thought we had got rid of it, only to find it hadnt gone in the right fore, but went right up to the digital tendon and there was no other alternative but to have him shot unfortunately.

I cant for the life of me remember what we did apart from bandaging and wrapping all four feet in duck (sp) tape - the grey thick adhesive tape.  I know the vet used to come and cut away some of the hoof periodically to allow the gunk to come out.  The horse was stabled for weeks 24/7 and not allowed out, but he was extremely bad.

Will ask daughter in the morning and come back on here p.m.  

Seem to remember hydrogen peroxide as well from somewere in the recess of my mind.

I've heard about the hydrogen peroxide treatment too. I seem to recall reading that you  need to keep the frog as dry as possible & the peroxide acts as an astringent? I've also heard that a constant pressure applied to the frog can help too.............apparently the farrier has to make up a special shoe with a pressure plate?  

Had a word with daughter, she said to clean with diluted hydrogen peroxide, sorry cant remember how much to dilute, soak, but only for a few minutes then dry really well.  We used an old feed bowl for him to stand in, one foot at a time.

She had an iodine solution from the vet that she put on, then packed holes that had been parred (sp) away with cotton wool or similar that had been soaked in the iodine solution.

Wrap in babies nappies which draw/act like poultice, then cover the whole lot with duck (sp) tape.  Bute or Danilon for any pain short term especially if Bute used.

As I said previously though, Joe was really, really bad and when we got him he had had thrush for months and had difficulty walking.  If the paddocks are muddy/wet, keep in, but if they are dry let out as movement will encourage the gunk to come out.  Stable must be kept very clean and dry.

Would suggest that you maybe have a word with vet though because you really dont want it to turn to canker.  This all happened to us many years ago, so perhaps there are other ways of dealing with it now which are better.  You will maybe know this, but shoes off if there are any on.  Prevention is definitely better than cure on this one.  Good luck.

Spoke to friend Bodger but apparently she just uses the tub for moistening the dry hooves to stop them cracking when her horse has had to be in all the time after a tendon injury. The thrush she treats with peroxide but he only got it when permanently stabled - a viscious circle. I seem to remember years ago using stockholm tar on a mild case. Sorry I cant help more,love Lizzie

For the time being, we're alternating day to day between cleaning with Hibiscrub and the purple antibiotic foot spray that I got from the vets. Its the hibi for her this evening when she comes in.
Someone needs to tell Bella that she's supposed to have sore feet. She went bananas when I let her into the field this morning. This was after a  after a couple of days stable rest. She sent clods of earth flying in all directions.
the farrier

I use Barbicide,the stuff used for disifecting combs etc,Its cheap and was recommended on one one the American farriers sites.Dont forget to wash your hoofpick every time and between horses or all you are doing is reinfecting them.

That tip is much appreciated.

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