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Manege v menage

Why do we Brits behave like the English gendarme in 'Allo 'Allo, and insist on pitting the vewels on the wring pluce?

This pet hate of mine came to a head recently when a friend showed me some handouts she'd printed. When I pointed out the mistake she said that she knew it was wrong, but everyone called it a 'menage' now.
So why not call it an arena rather than pinch a French word and get it wrong?

The French must pi** themselves everytime they hear us announce we're going to exercise our horse in the household  

Just had to get that off my chest!
brummie nick

It looks like you're not the only one upset by it, see here.

Glad I'm not the only one    

I've just read that thread and had to smile when someone was defending the use of 'menage' by saying that the English language is always evolving. It's not an English word it's French! And the wrong one at that!

When anyone uses it I'm reminded of Del Trotter and his inappropriate use of French words.  
brummie nick

Creme de la menthe.



Menage a trois...... 3 riders in the arena or interesting domestic arrangement?     (sorry - can't be a**ed to look for the correct accents on this computer)

I just call it a school  

Think manege is pronounced menage though  

I've always pronounced it 'menage' and I assumed that that was how it was spelt

i always thought that the word was manage, as in we just about manage to pay for and look after Doodles retired horses.

kaz wrote:
I've always pronounced it 'menage' and I assumed that that was how it was spelt

Everyone seems to Kaz - that was the point of my original post. A case of something being wrong for so long that it becomes 'right'  

But it's definitely 'manege'  Honest!!  I suppose, with the accent (which I can't find on this comp) you would pronounce it 'mannairge' but it's a long time since I did French.

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