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Malt Loaf

Simon made Malt Loaf for the first time last night - he used Paul Hollywoods recipe.  Really messy and you think it won't work the dough is so wet and sticky and looks absolutely nothing like the photographs in the step by step in the book but turned out absolutely delish....knocks spots off that Soreen stuff you buy in the shops and not expensive to make at all - and also shows not to rely on the photographs in the book!!!

I reckon I'll give that a go at the weekend.  I've set myself a "bake something new every week" challenge.

Ive just brought hes book, will have to try it  

Its not the lightest loaf in the world - but then I don't think its meant to be. very nice though - had some toasted today for lunch with butter on - one slice was enough - seems to keep well in an air tight container and apparently freezes well - we made one long loaf rather than two smaller ones - mostly because I didn't have 500g tins.

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