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Making the most of your polytunnel?

Making the most of your polytunnel or greenhouse? While I know that there's much more to growing your own produce than financial consideration, in this instance, its what I'd like to discuss.
Last year I had great year growing onions in the polytunnel and then it was pointed out to me that onions are usually dirt cheap in the shops. They aren't a patch on home grown of course but none the less, its set me to thinking as to what would be the best crops to grow with a view to saving or even making a little bit of money.

Tomatoes,salad and soft fruit always sell well and don't come down in price a great deal even during the height of the season.

You have just prompted me to check our fridge out, obviously we are buying in some vegetables at this time of year.
I was shocked to see the prices on the various vegetables. Something I well! can't remember the last time I did so.

1.50 for 3 small leeks.
1.80 for a cauliflower.
0.90 for a lettuce.
2.00 for un-named potatoes, about 2 kilo's.
0.80 kilo of onions.

There are loads more I could quote.
Tucked away in the fridge.

A pack of seeds, on average 200 seeds for in most instances, less than a 1.00, a wee bit of work and nurturing, plus the satisfaction and taste.
Do I need say more?

If I were in a position to be able to sell 'over the gate'....Then as  Sandrar has mentioned soft fruits would certainly be on the list.

Other than that, cauli's, heads of broccoli, stems of sprouts and maybe potatoes (given the land space).

Add to this all the salad you can easily grow in the poly or G/H, along with courgettes, gerkins , the list is you can also produce pickles and chuckneys .

I'm about to enter my second year with a poly, so still on a learning curve.

Still "Resent" not having my two allotments

Back then in payment of kind, a few people gave me various pickles and chuckneys in return, that all worked so well....

I don't know anything about growing pot plants but having seen the price of a plastic plantpot, some compost and a plant in the garden centres, I've even thought of trying to grow some for sale myself.

Courgettes are always dear. Butternut squash are dear, Taters I get marfona at 6 a bag 25k, carrots 1.50 for 12.5k so wouldn't really bother, parsnips the same as carrots. Broccoli and asparagus are dear cauli's have been mentioned so have leeks.

I grew loads of peppers last year and Kaz said that they were well worth having because they could be quite expensive.

Peppers are silly money to buy and easy to grow. How did you get on with the wildflowers to grow and to sell ? bedding plants are quick to grow, popular and worthwhile.

We planted a really early crop of caulis the first year we had our tunnel andthey were amazing. They were over by the time we put our tomatoes/chillis/peppers and aubergines in

Another cash crop is herb cuttings, if you have a mother plant of mint, lavender, rosemary ect and can take cuttings and pot up then they make good money fast for little work.
Lemon balm was amother one that sold really well for us when we did them many years ago...

Try the more unusual leaves that can either be used in salads or go well in stir fry.   Mizuna, rocket, miners lettuce, lambs lettuce, young stems of swiss chard (glorious colours there), endives.
Kohl rabi does really well too but it is one of the veg that goes in and out of fashion. Out at the moment but should be coming in again soon.
Also, grow the full range of basils, sweet, bush, purple (and there are more) plus the herbs the TV cooks go for such as flat parsley and coriander.
Bit sized carrots are a hit with the kids but usually there is a decent market with restaurants.  Ditto first early potatoes and remember to put a few in to dig up for Boxing Day to make the leftovers into a special meal.
And of course, strawberries; earlies, mids and lates.

Agree with all above.....and for very little outlay.

As for plastic buckets, other than drill a few holes in them, I've mentioned before...flower buckets, which can be picked up from local supermarkets, 99p for 10...or even free.

Compost, you can produce your own...with added manure(well rotted)...even buying in a few bags of compost, added to what you already have and well as chips....
Small pots for herbs, you can purchase for pennies.

Last year I grew well over a hundred different herbs for DDs wedding, they possibly cost all in..4p -5p if I could turn that into 50p a pot over the years seeds are paid for and we would still have vegetables for our own use.

Its well worth looking of luck....  

sandrar wrote:
Peppers are silly money to buy and easy to grow. How did you get on with the wildflowers to grow and to sell ? bedding plants are quick to grow, popular and worthwhile.

I've got loads of potted foxgloves that are looking fine.

simple answer to the question any thing you can grow earlier than there usually available  produced as home grown  will pay well

Lets not leave the thread there...

How's it going....what have you grown in your pollies, anyone made their fortune as yet?????

Me....loads of little gems, lollo rosso, toms and yellow courgettes...but not for sale

Cucumbers in the GH

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