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Making our own winter fuel....?

Someone linked me to this.

Might actually have a go this summer to make some of these fuel logs!

No, don't laugh ...... it really is a good source of well burning heat giving fuel ..... and a much better use of one of those home-made log presses that you see advertised where they state you can use newspaper to make log .... you can, but the quantity of old newspaper required to make a decent burning log is about 1 wheelbarrow full.

When I was in Africa and the Middle East I cooked food and stayed warm using camel, donkey and goat dung fires ..... so I see no reason why you can't use dried horse dung.

It might be worth putting a wanted ad on yor local freegle for one of those newspaper log press. .... it's got to be worth having a go at; after all you have already paid for it once when you put the raw materials into the front end of the Horse.... so you might as well try optimising your initial investment as the out lay from other end.


Ahh, cool, thanks Gareth!

...what am I needing...a newspaper log press thingy...?

Will get right on that!


If you look further down that article there is a few drawings of the dung mold they made and use to shape the Horse dung briquettes prior to drying ........ 20-30 minutes work with some old reclaimed Pallet Timber and the job would be a good'un.

Seriously though: it would make a superb photo article for here on OTG; in the front end, out the back end, paddle about in it, and up the chimney.

I'll have to get Pete on the job of making the mould!

...and take piccies of me jumping about in sh*t....nowt new there then!


Finally a money making/saving reason to have  

Why expend all that effort into making it into bricks when it comes ready made in coal sized lumps?

Just spread on wire racks to dry.

The dried Horse dung may burn hotter and slower if compressed first  As I recall collected lumps of Camel dung do burn sort of quickly  (but they had been baked dry under a Saharan sun).

My friend Mikki has an open fire and a wood burner, and it just so happens that at the moment her & I are collecting 4 tons of horse & donkey each week from the local sanctuary .... I just might make a dung brick mold and then try the briquettes on her open fire in mid February.  

Thats our fuel problems solved until around the year 2050 then.

We tried the newspaper bricks about 30 years ago, a thoroughly crap idea and a total waste of time.

Richard, I'm currently shovelling three barrowfuls of horse poop every single day. You'd need a massive array of wire netting shelves to get anywhere near using even the smallest percentage of it.


I forgot to update my posts in thread:   sorry folks

10 days ago Mikki & I made some 30 odd horse manure fuel bricks, and last night she rang me to say that she has started burning them.  ..... good heat easy to light on an existing warm hearth: she has not yet attempted to light a fire from scratch in a cold hearth with them. Very good heat output, 6 bricks took all evening to burn with absolutely no smell, and very little ash. ........ but her two dogs kept biting chunks off the ready to use fuel blocks in the basket and chewing them.  

She wishes she knew about this before winter set in, as she has already burnt almost 1 & 1/2 tons of logs.

Tomorrow Lois, Mikki & I are off to the Horse & Donkey Sanctuary again with her trailer to collect about 1 ton of the raw material so she can make more fuel bricks.

Take pictures

What is it exactly that you think Lois has been putting in your stews? How do you think that she makes those little quail go such a long way?  


That is exactly what we are going to do tomorrow.

Alas, poor Mikki only has 24 manure fuel blocks left, which equals just 4 evenings of burn time, If we make a $hit load; whoops  sorry    a shed load of them tomorrow it will still take 10+ days for them to dry out enough to burn, and the next few days are going to be rather cold It really is a shame that we didn't know about this back in October and made a couple of tons worth of fuel  blocks.

for all you brick makers with strong stomachs

[url] [/url]

and this

[url] [/url]
liverpool pete

this is could be just what you need to make

I am thinking along the lines of 4 ft of 4 inch single phase floating shaft grain auger running off a 16 Amp supply with a tapered reduction to 3 inches to make a continuously compressed manure log that is then cut to length with a cheese wire type set up ready for stacking and drying.

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