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Making Mead

As I hit the big 40 later this year I have decided I will have a go at making myself some mead.

Has anyone made some before?
If so any pointers etc?



Here comes Gareth ! You asked for it Escape and I have a sneaky feeling that you're going to get it.

Seriously though, he's quite an expert and had been making it since I first met him. Go Gareth go!

I made some - using a very basic recipe as I'm only a very amateur wine maker!  It was lovely!  And nobody else liked it, only me so I was very, VERY HAPPY!  

Here's the recipe I used!

Sometimes[ not always] mead can take ages to ferment so don't worry just let it take it's own sweet time.

Is mead the reason the monks of old were always fat n happy, as they needed bees wax for candles and had lots of honey to get rid of  

Its because as friars, they had to serve an apprenticeship in ye olde village chipshop.

Well today I had a go at making mead.

Found a simple recipe online and thought to give it a go..

This is the amount of honey that was required:

Had to mix it with a little warm water and add an orange:

Then topped it up with water and added the yeast:

Now its hiding in the wardrobe for the next 3 months or so to do its thing

Fingers crossed it turns out ok  

Good luck

Mead Update

Well last night I bottled up 7 bottles of mead, and I must admit it was very tasty.
Not tested how strong it is, but it does have a bit of a kick


I've got a gallon just sitting clearing at the moment.  Not had a taste yet but it smells very nice!  I'll let you know what it's like when I do partake!  

Nice one!

I've only made a gallon each of; Smoked Honey, Summer fruit and an Elderflower Mead this year, but I think that the now traditional (for me any way) New Year's Mead that I shall make for 2012 will be Smoked Walnut Mead, this was very successfull 4 years ago, and was my favourite. I also fancy  departing from the usual ingredients for 2012, and making an Orange & Corriander, and an Orange & Ginger Mead along with a couple of other herb based ones just to see how they turn out.

please do Polly, mine has almost gone already, think I will have to make a couple of batches next time

Wow Gareth, that sounds great, might have to try something different next time.

Well I bottled it the other night - managed to have a little swig and it's quite nice! Not as good as some Welsh mead I was given once but it will do!  


Looks fantastic - Well done Polly  

Nice labels Polly

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