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Making ends Meet

To the Extreme in my opinion,
In this day and age, we all need to tuck our shirt tails in. I really do understand that.
But to me there are limits. Some body we, OH & I, have known for well over 27 years, attended our daughters wedding with his three beautiful daughters and wife. One my daughters best friend and bridesmaid.
After the ceremony we put on a free bar, pimms, beers, wine...all the usual stuff.
Yes I did notice this one guy walking away with tray fulls and quite often.
It all went past/ by me.
Chatting away later...he told me quite outright, if his three girls ever wanted such an occasion, they would have to save up for it.
It went over my head.
The head poncho of the caterers, came up to me, to let me know they were opening their bar. "Why have we run out already?".....
The caterers  were very polite....In their return answers....
I now gather they had noticed said peron, maybe a couple of others.
We have returned home home with a lot more than expected.

As I said at the begining of this making ends meet, we all need to,but on such an occasion?... and maybe I should have put this into discussion...
Why are people like this? We all have to cut our cloth to suit ...we all try to be careful with our pennies....

Sorry I've gone on , but words fail me......

Some people know when they are on to a good thing with free booze and take advantage

I don't know how people can act like this - I take it that they were guests/friends invited to celebrate the wedding of your daughter with you  

people like that get to me big time. A firm I worked for had a social club partly finaced by selling close to date stock and we had evening out 3 times a year all paid for, they had to stop paying for the booze as of same reason then we had 5 times a year and those people didn't drink much at all.

Who needs enemies when you have friends like that! Greedy buggas! :(
You'll know who not to invite nest time  

I guess we've all seen it to one extent or another and it's especially sad and annoying on such occasions. What also bugs me is that these same people always seem to waste what they have taken, not finishing drinks or leaving plates of food.

ps - hope you all had a lovely day otherwise

Yes it was the day of the wedding...
Barring that single minor incident, absolutely nothing  upset the day.
Although I had noticed, it really went by me at the time, way to busy mingling with all the guests. It was only when the caterers mentioned they had store the left overs and when we collected them the following day, it sunk in, so to speak.
The outcome and plus side is I won't be buying anymore booze for the next few weeks.....well maybe days    

That's absolutely disgraceful behaviour - hope you've crossed them off your Christmas card list!

unfortunately it doesn't surprise me - my half sister walked away with a litre bottle of whiskey under each arm bold as brass at the end of our wedding reception.  Glad it didn't spoil your day.

Actually, now I come to think about it, I went to a Ruby wedding celebration at Sedburgh school in Cumbria a couple of years ago and some of the most well heeled guests were spotted helping themselves to unopened bottles of wine as they left.

What is it with these people? Would they do it if they were invited to your house?

debbie wrote:
.  Glad it didn't spoil your day.

I was on another cloud, completely in my own world...enjoying every moment...
.have not mentioned it to OH...just ain't worth the breath and spoiling all the good moments/memories...  

It's a shame that some folk will always be Ratbags no matter what the occasion,  I'm glad it didn't mar the day for you all.

Digindeep wrote:

.have not mentioned it to OH...just ain't worth the breath and spoiling all the good moments/memories...  

This is worth remembering (and that they are grasping gits )

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