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Making ends meet is going to be even more difficult.

According to this BBC report home energy prices are going to rise enormously.

Is it going to be a case of thank goodness for global warming ?

Watched that on the news this morning.  We have been making plans to create as much of our own heat/power as we can but it is all so expensive.  We have a wood burner and are going to replace it with either a stove with a back boiler or a wood heating system and are planting up more willow this winter so that we will have all the wood we need in a few years.  The problem is that woodburners use tones and tones of wood but cost around the £800 mark whereas the heating systems only burn for 3 hours a day to provide you with all your heat and hot water for 24 hours but cost the best part of £13,000   .  Decision is made really unless we win the lottery    when we could afford photovaic (can't spell   ) panels as well.  I think this is going to be something we have to add to over the years as we can afford to.

We've had a new oil boiler put in but have had two woodburning room heaters so that we don't have to use the oil fired central heating very often.

It's fine for you ladies and gentlemen with your own properties and still with the ability to get a job or generate your own income.

Give a second thought to those of us who rent from council or social housing associations - we wouldn't be living here if we had a decent wage or had sorted ourselves a decent pension. Not everyone manages to arrange their financial affairs well for reasons various.

We aren't able to put in a lot of our own technologies to cover expected rises in gas and electricity. Our landlords are restricted as to what they can do by budget - basically what the government allows them to generate from rents and what grants they can access. I'm just back from a meeting on decent homes standards and there was much detailed discussion on means of heating - especially as we are in a rural area where some villages are still off gas. None of the solutions were cheap to provide or cheap to run and some were definitely not suitable for older members of the community.

Woodburners, closed fire or open fires to heat back boilers are for younger members of society - do you think you will cope with them at 90?

I've given more than a second thought Christine    I'm genuinely concerned that a lot of people will not be able to heat their houses  both in the present and the future. Its a very real worry.

In answer to your last question, probably not.

And therein lies the problem as we are all living that much longer.  I don't think that the model of single people of any generation living in bedsit, flat, bungalow is going to be a sustainable way of life.

It could be the heating bill that reduces the population or the heating bill that ensures a more family orientated way of housing. And I'm not sure that the present younger generations are going to enjoy being faced with inter-generational living.  

There could be a lot of problems to come as a result of higher energy prices - and not just ones associated with not being able to pay the heating bill.

Christine, I agree with what you are saying just not sure what the answers are or what the long term view is for anyone at the moment.

We WERE meant to be having cavity wall insulation done, but they tell us we have to have scaffolding up because of the 'tallness' of out house on two sides. The insulation was going to cost £260 anyway, but we can't afford to have scaffolding as Pete isn't working at the moment.....

I'm just glad we have the woodburner and the wood from the felled tress at the field, else out heating bills would be alot more....

kept the wife warm all last winter with one bag of coal,??
she put it on her back and ran up and down stairs

I take it that Mrs Desperate Dan doesn't come on here then ?

Make you right Bodge.
Even the real DD wouldn't be that brave.
No more of Aunt Aggie's Cow Pies.
green man

Intergenerational living maybe not, but same generation living is a reasonable aspiration, for single society the real luxury is going to be having a whole house all to one's self, I say cut down on your bill's by getting together, for the elderly shared brain physical power when your loosing your marbles has to be the way to go. Plus an efficient heat exchanger.

More and more older people out there ? yes , lonely yes, some are feeble sad,  start a new web site getting older folks who want to stay independent together- I'm not talking old peoples home here , I'm talking private houses shared, I think I would have to be fit and in my eighties to contemplate this, on the plus side- bill's /chores shared, plus someone to go to your funeral.  

There may be a grain of sense in the idea green man but there would be a lot of legal obstacles (families not being able to dispose of a house due to sitting residents on death of the owner, lack of agreement on what happens if someone wants to leave, not to mention the laws about houses in multiple occupation, as well as financial benefits with regard to such things as council tax benefits).

That's before you get down to having house rules about who does what, what happens in the case of breakdown in relationships and how to deal with someone's arguing relatives.

Much more needs to be done to get older folks out of family homes that they can't afford to maintain and into purpose built accommodation which may be sheltered housing or flats in extra care builds where there is independence but help on hand or into some other purpose built units that are small and individual but part of a community. Such buildings should be designed to be heat efficient. Care homes are often not the answer.

At present there is far too much emphasis on keeping people independent in their own homes when these homes may be completely economically unviable for older people, even with adaptations.

At the end of the day are we going backwards.?....
my parents ,grandparents burnt coal...logs wood ect.....
then we had fires..gas meters fitted for free....oil by the ton/gallons ect.. many are trying to turn back to basic fuels....?
now the entrepenure (SP) can now charge a price he says is fair...for the fuel of your burn that fuel you require for them/ those fires that we scrapped "X" number of years ago.
We now require to burn said fuels? ...well its payback time....maybe not in my future...
but certainly in our childrens/grandchildrens future.....

""WE"...might make it through....however/how far our future takes us(years we have left)..

the kids we leave behind...?
I certainly don't know the answers....
But here we are discussing...the cost of fuel today....

Or is it case of what we've already discussed on another thread....

More trees????
or is that just blowing in the wind ???

Or came easy to us...we didn't look far enough the
nievety of our youth....did we take it all for granted..??????

 ?'ions there are more than answers.......

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