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Making another log store.

We lost three trees on our place during the last storms and we've already had two of them cut up for firewood. The logs will eventually become very good firewood for the two wood burners that we have.
Rather than cart them the fairly long distance to the main log store, I'm going to make one close to where the trees were blown over and chopped up.
I'll put two pallets on a level piece of ground as a base, drive four posts in to act as corners, knock a very basic frame up from the posts and then clad the frame with some rustic planking that I saved from a load of firewood that I had from the local timber mill.

The firewood will eventually season and then once its done its job, the log store will also go on the fire and we'll never know that its been there. Now that's what I call recycling.


Cool idea, and in the mean time you can be planning something for the future when the store is no more.  

Great idea and love the pallet idea, then burn shelter too  

This is what I do lay out pallets for bottom, then lay a pallet on it side at each end of bottom pallets.

Knock Down posts on the inside of the Blocks, this will give you solid sides. If your posts are strong and long enough just place another pallet on top of the frist one, this will give you sides of 1.60cm.

When I have filled up to just over the height of bottom pallet, I put a trucker strap around the Whole structure for added strength, fill up rest, then cover just the top with a cheap tarpuling. Weighting tarpuling Down with a logs asnecessary.

Job done........... cheap and easy, resulting in well seasoned logs.

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