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make do and mend

I've been clearing out the shed.

One bookcase which had been used for storing paint tins, and last painted red for teenage son many moons ago.
One dark brown varnished junkshop cupboard which had an ill fitting and chipped grey marble top.
Half a tin of paint left over from revamping the dutch dresser...

discarded the piece of marble for later use in the garden and, here's the real stroke of luck - got a ready made and finished table top from Ikea that is EXACTLY the right size for 29 quid. Can't believe my luck.

Hey presto! One shaker style unit to keep some of my stuff in! Don't you just love it when things go well?


looks really lovely, its great when a plan comes together!!



Looks made for the place great work  

A good job
Did you travel to Ikea or do mail order?

I always go when I visit my son kaz - the Wednesbury one is enroute if I take the motorway route. Otherwise I go to Warrington when we go buying in Manchester. I really miss having one 10 minutes away!

I'm not sure if they do mail order - I know they didn't when I was buying some bedroom furniture and I needed one thing they didn't have in stock at the time. They wouldn't even keep one aside for me for a couple of hours when they did come into stock, even when I explained I would be making a special 180 mile round trip!!! They may have changed their policy after I sent a strongly worded letter to their chief exec!

I have a love-hate relationship with Ikea. They have great things in the kitchen and soft furnishings dept. which I can't keep away from, but some of their stuff is crap - great for furnishing on a budget though.

That looks great! We live 10 mins from IKEA Warrington, so if you're up this way give us a shout - I'll put the kettle on.  


Nice!! Love it!!

 that's brilliant!

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