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make cider?

We have decided to utilise our growing apple population here and produce scrumpy/cider and juice.  having conversed with Bodger and another chappy locally Im now compiling all the info.  I know about the Food Safety req, and the qualification for licensing prior to getting a personal licence.    
There is a grant available locally for rural microbusinesses, and as such we'd like to apply, so I need to compile a list.......and need some help.

On the list is :

self contained container  (ie back of lorry container)for processing (can be washed out/sterilised, and use for storage during/after production)

water tank (for washing apples)

plastic barrels with lids (for production/storage)

apple mill (sorted - Vigo)
apple press (sorted - vigo)
Pasteuriser (sorted - Vigo) for juicing only

woven nylon sacks (for collecting apples)
various food grade jugs & piping...

bottles, plastic milk type containers and cardboard boxes with bag inserts....

Anyone think of anything else?

A cider making course would be a good idea. It would also give you a better idea as to what equipment you need. We use clean plastic animal feed bags for collecting apples in.

The course is a very good idea...just happened to be watching hairy Bikers Best of Britain last night - and found the Ross on Wye cider makers this is a definate possibility.

handwashing facilities?
paper towels
Plastic buckets & scoops

We were at Broom farm a week or so ago and they confided in us that the barrel the bikers made was the only one that they'd had this year that had gone off.

Damnation ! We'd made a mental note to watch that episode, when was it actually on?

last night BBC2 early evening.

iPlayer tonight then.  

Just had the initial grant application form through - only 3 pages long.

Will print off and look at tonight.

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