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green man

Make an all purpose unisex robe

This is the most figure flattering comfy all purpose unisex........
After Bath time/beach changing/modesty/hide your after dinner belly/slouching robe pattern on earth. Takes about a half hour to make the basic robe. And no this doesn't look like a sheet when finished!

You will need.
Take One single sheet sized piece of easy care fabric, I used a polyester/cotton mix red sheet. 90"x54" (Make sure it's not a fitted sheet)

Bias binding, contrasting colour or make your own from an old pillow case A few pins ,matching thread, scissors and sewing machine with fancy stitches would be nice to augment the bias binding.

To start.
Treat one long side of your sheet with out a hem as the top

Fold sheet in half, inside out, short sides together, pin and sew, ( from the seamless edge of the sheet,) 7inches down from the top start sewing, tie off at the bottom.

Still inside out now you have a tube,  next place the seam you have just made to the front centre of the flattened tube , pin it there top and bottom. now  cut down from the TOP far left and top far right approx 7inches for arm holes,(mark stop point with a pin).

With the whole thing still lying flat pin the edges together across the top to create another seam but leave out 10inches in the middle for the head hole (5inches either side of original seam, again mark stop point's with pin, sew the two separate halves and tie off. you should now have a tea shaped hole for the head to go through.

Now try it on and if you need to make the arm/neck holes larger do it now, Notice how the actual arm holes are below the elbow, this is why you don't need them very big.

Next trim the neck and arm holes with bias binding- if you have to make your own just cut the strips of fabric at about 45degrees at about an inch and a quarter wide, trim the hem with a wider piece if you need a longer robe.

That sounds wonderful but where are the step by step photos!!!


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