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They are a menace here and in vast numbers what are the regulations regarding them?
sorry know nothing about pest control apart from how to set a rat trap and you're right peanut butter is brilliant

A larsen trap would be an ideal start mate......

I have one and they are great for taking magpies, especially at this time of year when the birds become very territorial.

I have one set on my allotment and have taken 3 this week alone.

We'll I seriously wouldnt recommend shooting them... Rich did once and had a group of them follow him allday making a right racket  while out shooting      

He should have shot the lot of them.

they sorta hid ... was really funny tbh he won't make the same mestake again lol!

Sorry folks but I actually think they are beautiful looking birds and were around for years before we decided that there habits aren't very nice and wanted to kill them.
Only the other day in work, a pair of Mistle Thrushes beat 7 buckets out of one that was threatening their nest and at home I've watched the Starlings win every round.
Can you use the same justification for every predator?
No, of course you can't and who are we to constantly interfer with Mother Natures own way of population control, culling the weak and the sick.
So lets all go out and shoot all the birds of prey.

i'm sorry Bazzer but you can't have watched them for as long as I have.I've watched them work every hedge on our place scoffing every song bird egg and chick that they can.
The countryside as we have it today, is as a direct result of mans management or mismanagement, call it what you will. My answer, is that we have every right to manage it.

There are far more magpies about now, than there's ever been. Our songbirds need all the help that they can get. They say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The songbirds  that we get in our garden, are the proof as far as I'm concerned. I certainly feel that i'm doing my bit.

I too think they are beautifu Bazzer.....i just feel that control is needed. The magpies are oportunistic and like rats they have realised that rich pickings can be had close to towns. When i was at school we would need to travel at least 5-6 mile from home to find a magpie nest, now i can see them from my front door. My control method is in place because i do prefer to see a mixture of bird life rather than just magpies. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and beliefs, i know for sure that i have more small birds visiting my garden than i have in recent years.

I wouldn't class them as a true predator as you would a bird of prey. More of an oportunist.....they would never 'prey' on something that was likely to put up a fight or offer any kind of resistance.

I disagree with saying they were around long before we had thoughts on their habits. 2o years ago there were no magpies in our town but hell there's plenty now.

if you had seen as many live  lambs as i have  with there eyes pecked out .you would not worry about killing them

Larsen traps are the bizz , unless you're like me and see maggies and crows needing some lead    
mole trapper

When i was still in the care industry one of our homes had a great deal of song birds, particularly blackbirds, one day while i was sat in my office there was an awful din going on outside, I looked up on the roof and saw 3 maggies literally ripping apart a good size fledgling blackbird that was still very alive and making an awful noise, all the while the parent blackbirds were doing their best to try and stop them and making a noise almost like screaming. Talk about tooth and claw, nature really is brutal.

I kill an average of 25-30 every year for the past 6 years. I've always shot a few but the thing that prompted My getting a Larsen trap, was that we always had a pair of Mistle thrush's nesting in the same Tree at the front of the house for many years but the Magpies started getting them every time they atempted raising a family. We haven't had Mistle thrush's here since, I'm still hoping a pair will be back one day. The Magpie numbers never reduce.
green man

One for sorrow, two for joy, the one word left out of the poem was  "shot".

One shot for sorrow,  (could have killed more)
two shot for joy,
three shot for a girl,
four shot for a boy.

They have evolved to remove the weak and the dead, unfortunately they soon discovered that babes are weak, they even look like undertakers.

We have a keen ornithologist countryman near by and he says the rarer hedgerow birds have increased hugely since he has been sorting magpies.
the farrier

Sorry Bazzer im with the rest of em,i shoot them whenever i get the chance and my smallholding is a happy population of blackbirds/Thrush etc,Some people have a fluffy bunny image of a lot of wild animals,only a few weeks ago my friend had to frighten off three Badgers that were attacking a ewe at night,the ewe died by morning,when he told the farmer he replied he had lost a few,but had assumed it was dogs.The problem is we do not live in a natural enviroment,man has created where we live,and it has upset the balance for many animals to the point that some need protecting and some controling......Don't get me started on Squirrels!

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