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mad tree in Bakewell

saw this- had to get a picture

mad tree

ooh that is a mad tree- love it!! do you know what it is? (looks a bit mulberry like)

It looks like a twisted Ash. An American tree if memory serves right. The vey devil to prune!!!!!!!

could it be a corkscrew willow??
robin wood

It is a weeping ash one of my favourite trees and commonly planted around 150-100 years ago but then lost popularity, nice to see a young one.

Where abouts in Bakewell is it Stu ?

WOW never seen anything like it

That is a seriously confused tree

Sorry missed the posts- its in a little square- just by the River- on the way from the shwo ground to the pudding shop.

I thought it was an Ash.

I would like to get one and have it here

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