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Lyons Maid Ice Cream?

When was the last time you had some?

We had some last night with home made blackberry and apple crumble that Karen made.

Its years since I've had any and I was quite surprised to see it still being sold in the waxed cardboard containers. When I was a kid , my mum used to slice it and make us wafers.

PS. Last nights blackberry and apple crumble was really scrummy and full of the taste of the  summer that we haven't had.

Quite recently - corner shop in village sells it and it's not expensive.

Funny you should mention that; I thought of it just the other day as I drove down the Bellshill road. There used to be a Lyon's Maid factory on the corner where the new houses have just been built.
I had no idea that the company was still in business.


That was our Sunday afternoon treat as kids. Dad would buy a block of 'Neopolitan' - striped pink, green and white, and a pack of wafers from the corner shop, and it would be carefully measured out into one wafer sandwich each.

Neopolitan nowadays chocolate strawberry and vanilla

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