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I'm having differculty in finding a seed merchant where I can buy Lupin seed in bluk, so does anyone know where I can buy a kilo+ of perennial mixed lupin seed.

"Band of Nobles" is my first choice

I can only find packets of 35-60 seeds, but buying this way would cost a fortune.

Also looking to buy a kilo+ of Sunflower seed.

Any help will be much appreciated.

OH gets a catalogue from BallColegrave and i notice they dont do kilo packs but lupins can be got in 500seed packs for 4 06plus vat and they do a dwarf double flowering helianthus(sunflower) called teddy bear 1,000seeds for 2 80plus vat and i think they may do offers for bulk pack buying of certain items , not sure ,but they do a  discount for cash with order. Maybe worth a look???

Thank you .....I'll go and have a look.

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