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Kaz and I are off for a short break down to Devon and then Herefordshire next week and we hope to visit Lundy. Just by chance, I found this report this morning. It just shows what can be done if things are left alone. Nature has great healing powers if she's given a chance.

Don't forget the camera for that one mate.

yah loads of piccis pleeese....

i used to know someone who goes diving quite often just off lundy......i have an idea they stayed on there while on the diving holiday....might be wrong tho.....

You two should know me by now.

And your snorkel and goggles ::  ::
Apparently you can get disposable underwater cameras now too!!!! ::

Thats pants ! :smt046

If he went into the water Greenpeace would be circling him. Making sure there weren't any Japanese fishing boats nearby. :smt064

::    ::

Did you make it to Lundy Bodger? - My brother in law was the Lundy Warden - a brillant place

No. The weather and time were against us. Had a great time down in North Devon though.

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