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loving home sought for collie pup, Herefordshire

Hi, With heavy heart, I am looking for a brilliant home for a small reddish collie pup, at least I think she's pure collie but has no tail, bless her! I went to get a terrier pup and she was there amongst lots of others, I felt sorry for her(being a bit of a collie addict!) and brought her home with the view to finding her the right home, she is about 61/2 months old now, and I feel that its unfair to keep her here with my others as she is not getting the attention she deserves. she is not a" manic" collie she is very quiet and reserved. She has been showing interest in sheep when the others are working, so a home where there are a few sheep to work would be a possibility. She is used to just about everything! Horses, chickens,cats kids,sheep,cows, cats,parrots etc. she has not been used to living in the house but does sleep on a sofa in the conservatory,so would prefer if her home comforts were continued! she is a lovely gentle little thing(tho she does like a chew of a wellie!!) Will try to email pics if anyone interested, she has NOT been vaccinated, spayed or chipped) I will NOT let her go to just anyone,it has to be the right home for her, she is no trouble here and is very welcome to stay but feel she would benefit from a home that didnt have so many vying for attention!!.

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