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lost my best friend

sadly had to have my (mutley) put to sleep. he was only 8 yesterday    took him to the vet as i found a small lump on the roof of his mouth.
turned out to be the dreaded C word.
he had a scan and it was all round his skull and lower jaw. also found a heart murmur. never show any signs of pain and was running about this morning.
vet said it was growing very fast. so while he was sedated for the xray and scan. i had to make the choice....
iam lost for words now

so on the look out for a pup. must be a male and looking the same as him.
please let me know of any going

I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your best friend - please accept my sincerest condolences.

Run free little Muttley - run free as fast as you can.

May his memory be for a Blessing.


So very sorry to hear of this; it must be hurting very much just now. Sincerest condolences on your loss.

The only saving grace is that he was running around this morning, went to sleep at the vet's, and just never woke up. No pain, no misery, no growing discomfort and slow wasting or chemotherapy and surgery either.
Kindest thing you could do for him really to let him go so peacefully.
Best way to mind him as young and active.

My neighbour fosters (and usually ends up adopting) dogs of people who are suddenly unable to care for them. Her lastest pup came from a lady who developed 'the dreaded C' and went downhill very quickly.
No shame to the dog at all, but no one wanted a half grown alsation.
There are a lot of dogs out there like her I'm told. Might be worth investigating ?

Kind regards,

hoping to get one like him so i can have a new pup and live with his memories
Dave C

So very sorry pal.

So very sorry to hear your sad news  

Sorry to hear that, always a hard day but kinder in the long run.

As others said very sorry to hear   from all here furryand not so furry.

Sorry to hear the sad news  at least he will not suffer any pain

many thanks for your very kind words.
it seems worse today, when i got up and
he was not there to sit on my lap while i had breakfast.

Aye it is never easy when you lose your mate , i have seen times when i was at my wits end with some of my companions, but ,  They were my mates , who through thick and thin would be there for me , never questioning my decisions , i just tried to think that while i had a dog to share my life i gave them as good a time as possibly could , all the best ,thinking of you .

Having lost my beloved Pereg on1 April 2015 when she was was not much more than 6 years old,  and then Baby Ziva on 1 May 2015 when we never did know what happened to her, my Tikki Tikva is my life.

I am terrified that something will happen to my Tikva.

so sorry for your loss......thinking of you

while i still mourn my dear mutley, my other young dog benny was also.after searching the net i found him and me a new pal. he wont ever replace mutley,
but its anew begining for us.
in the end i decided not to get a dog that looked like this is our new family member. still need to find a fitting name!!!!! any ideas folks???


He is a beauty    

Lovely looking pup. Is there a bit of lurcher in there?


Sincere condolences on the loss of Muttley. He looked a real character who will have left permanent pawprints on your heart.

The new pup looks a real sweetie - how big do you think he will grow?

this is a whippet/bedlington collie.
he should be a touch smaller than benny. who is a first cross bed/whippet

The new family member is adorable!     I keep thinking of names for him but somehow they do not fit - I am not good at thinking of dog's names as I always have bitches, and they have Ivrit names!

But he is gorgeous, whatever you call him.  Enjoy him with love.

once again folks... thanks for all the kind words

Bonnie pup

How about  Mischief and you could shorted it to Chief ?


Toddy wrote:
Bonnie pup

How about  Mischief and you could shorted it to Chief ?


That sounds good

Sorry to hear about your sudden loss Samuria - you will never foget him but your new pup will help to keep you busy.
Rick & Carol

looks like a Benny to me

well we have chosen his name....
its STORM... as thats what he will be causing  

Welcome to your new home Storm  

well storm seems to have settled a bit.
now running round the house like a storm. dragging every thing and anything that takes his fancy.
he does not like the chickens he runs away from them. they are big buff orpingtons. he stopped crying at night
yesterday.(i hope) eats for england
more to follow i suspect.

Keep us up to date as to how he's coming along . First rabbit etc  
Dave C

Plenty of fun next season mate.  

Perfect !, what a wee cracker.

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