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Looking for Some Wax

Hello my lovelies!!
So I'm on here having a wee scrounge about, and I'm desperate to try making some lip balm's and other beeswax esque products. Would anyone have any left over wax from their hives they'd be willing to trade (I have TONNES of leftover seeds if that's any help), or let me buy?
I'll also be wanting to send some of the finished product out for testing and product reviews so you can get a wee early Christmas pressie out of it too.
I know everyone's hives were very bad off this year with the weather, so totally understand that it's a big ask, but I grudge buying the pellet stuff when there might be some going spare.
Hope everyone's having an ok winter so far anyway, it's bdooly cold here in the highlands!!  

I took a lot of wax this year and gave it to the woodturners at Kieran's club, they are turning it into a wax polish that he can use 9with a percentage for themselves, which is only fair).

That's a really good idea
I used to play with my grandfathers wood turner when I was young, never made much of interest but very good fun nonetheless
Will give it a few days to see if any lovelies on here have any leftovers, then it might have to be the fleabay....  
I have great plans for lipbalms in the future that I'm dying to try out.

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