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Looking for ideas for courses

I have EU funding till Dec 2013, and have lots to spend but only in Cornwall.  Need to be agricultural or vaguely landbased.  eg, I just put one together this morning for "processing and spinning your own wool to add value" - yes its a spinning course, but technically, its an adding value to wool course.

What would you like to learn or improve?

On the same lines how about 'adding value' by weaving?  

The spinning woman does a weaving demo at the end, and I couldnt justify a whole event on weaving as its production not taking a raw product.

Ive been asked to run wood turning ones as many farmers have usable, sellable wood, and many smallholders can make items during their quiet times (my boss said this, not me).  I only put tyhe events together...

I might run another using heavy horses one...

The rules have now been changed due to forthcoming changes in funding.

Whilst I can still offer subsidised agricultural courses till end Dec, I can also now offer full fee courses on anything.

So, some of the other girls have put on photography courses.....
What would YOU like to learn?  Im open to most suggestions....

i should think anything with a green label wil do well as the world is going green
keeping chickens
keeping rabbits for meat
bee keeping
basic gardening
the list is endless but it is the fees that put people off
every body wants to learn

Actually Id never thought of a rabbit keeping event - will have to do some research and see if i can find someone in Cornwall or Devon to teach it.
The other things we already do, except perhaps we could (and should) do is more basic gardening/veg growing.

Im also looking for a competent apple tree grafter.....

Keep the ideas coming.....

Fruit tree pruning, rejuvinating old fruit trees, I'm sure loads of people have a couple of fruit trees in their gardens but have no idea how to look after them to get Tue best out of them.
Natural fruit and veg storage, how to store your home grown crops (or shop bought for that matter) to make them last the winter...

We already do a fruit tree pruning course, and im putting together a hedgerow winemaking event at present.
I did think about storage and freezing of fruit & veg, but didnt think there would be a demand for this, but Ill put it forward.

The trick is to get good trainers - some people know loads about something but cant communicate it well, and some people sound great and then when you run an event (like someone else in the team did recently) you find out they are all talk and are crap at delivering - both personally and their own subject knowledge is rubbish.

Skin and hide curing.

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