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Emma42 and me went to london last night and saw the most campest show ever 'Priscilla Queen of the  Dessert' .  We are still trying to get rid of all the glitter.  What a brilliant show, the story line, singing dancing were absolutely fabulous.  I would say it is not really one for the men thou:confused: .  I would recommend that you go and see it if you can  

I've seen the film on the TV a couple of times and thoroughly enjoyed it. Its about time that Karen and I took in another show and a visit to our capital.

Ive heard that the film is supposed to be very good and that the stage show is very good interpretation of it  

My husband and i went to see that.  My sister had seen it in Ausatralia and recommended it to us.  It was glorious.  Really over the top glitzy but funny.  we were on the front row and one of the guys kept accusing my husband of looking up his dress! He was ready to disappear into a hole and I was falling out of my seat with laughter.
We really enjoyed it too!

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