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Log burner...

We got given a real old one that Pete has replaced the glass on, and were wondering about putting it in the front room, which is a fair sized room, and with that huge tree that fell (being cut up now!) AND with wood from the other trees that were felled last year, we will have ample store for the next year or so.......we thought about the legalities of it?

The other wood burner we have in the kitchen/diner, was put in the hearth a couple of years before some new legislation came in about them...

Where do we stand about putting in some sort of flue (the burner is free-standing of course, and will be set on a proper surface) out the main wall of the house?

What materials do we need - ie the type of flue etc.

And I assume we will need to add some sort of ventilation bricks in somewhere....?

Pete, being the handy-man he is, will do the work himself of course, with me as labourer!   with his builder brother giving help if it is needed and we send him an SOS!

Thanks in advance!

Green Living Forum has a very active "woodburning" section and several members are installers and could answer any of your questions I'm sure. Love Lizzie

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