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Tweety Pie

Local Honey and Allergies

Added a link to  this article about "Local Honey and Allergies" and is sometime I have been told several times by different people..

Quote "
When people living in these same areas eat honey that was produced in that environment, the honey will often act as an immune booster. The good effects of this local honey are best when the honey is taken a little bit (a couple of teaspoons-full) a day for several months prior to the pollen season. "  " I always advise to get honey that was raised closest to where you live, the closer the better since it will have more of exactly what you’ll need..."  by Tom Ogren


I will try this this year...What do you think??????????  


I've heard of this too but not tried it myself as my hayfever isn't bad enough that I take anything for it.  More a slight irritation than a real problem.

I haven't heard of this but am interested to know whether this is true or not. i love honey and still have a jar left from my bees but I dont know whether I could eat a couple of tea spoonfuls at a time though.


Certainly a good marketing idea for honey but, unfortunately, the pollen proteins in the honey will be broken down in the gut before being absorbed as amino acids, so it should be of no benefit at all.

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