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Thought I would post this here rather that just leave in the sunday thread in chat:

Had call from a friend who has been given three lobster and three large brown crab by the guy that has his pots down in Lynmouth - bumper haul of over 40 lobster and 40 crab this morning hence her being given these.  Trouble is she doesn't like lobster and doesn't want to prepare the crab so she has given them to me and has just asked for enough crab meat back for a sandwich so this afternoon will see me boiling and picking crab and lobster - lobster not huge just over 1.5lb each so now just have to decide what to do with them when they are cooked.  Think might make lobster bisque from the shells though.

Any ideas/recipes gratefully received.

Mmm, fresh cooked crab + garlic mayo + glass of something dry and white + "tools" for removal of edible bits from shell + napkin tucked in neck of top = absolute bliss  

Now its funny you should say that Mrs WW as have just come back from lynton with large bulb of garlic to make some garlic mayonnaise - chickens are particularly obliging in the egg department ATM - a lemon and bottle of ice cold chablis - oh OK it was 2 bottles actually but I thought I might need one of them to keep me happy whilst I was picking the lobster and crab......and of course half a bottle of brandy for the bisque.  Simon has just started making some wholemeal bread too

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