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Loaning your pony out

Shocking to think how dishonest and cruel people can be:

We have a 31 yr old pony that has been out on loan for the last 3 years and we have never had a problem with any of our loanee's thankfully, but then again as with alot of things with regards to our neds I am quite anal at times!


I can't seem to get the link to work Claire

It wont work for me now, but it was part of a newsletter from the National Equine Database so have copied and pasted it below. You may be able to copy and paste the url into your address bar, but if not:

Courtesy of

February 2012

Thinking of putting your retired horse out on loan as a companion?

If so STOP and take time to read this cautionary tale:  

City of York Council’s Animal Health Service has just concluded an investigation, following complaints about a rogue horse dealer in 2010. In 2011, the defendant pleaded guilty to the offences and was sent to the Crown Court where she was sentenced after pleading guilty to two offences of fraud, and one of trading without professional diligence (trading unfairly).

The defendant, Miss Lee, sold a horse for £1,837.50 at a local livestock market as ‘good to do in every way’, but she knew the horse was lame. Officers contacted the previous owners who were shocked to hear that the horse had been sold. They had given the horse to Lee just five days earlier on the understanding that the horse would have a permanent home as a companion for her filly.  

Officers then began investigating other horses that Miss Lee had acquired. A pattern emerged and a further four horse owners told officers that Miss Lee, using different names, had tricked them into letting her take their horse, believing it would be given a permanent home. In one case the horse was taken to market a few days later where it was sold for £480 and slaughtered. Miss Lee continued to misinform the previous owner saying that she still had the horse with her in the field.

Matt Boxall, Trading Standards Manager at City of York Council, said, “Miss Lee tricked people into giving her their retired horses – which at their stage in life, needed to take things easy. The lies she told led the owners to believe they were doing the right thing for their animals, that they would be loved and cared for forever. Instead they were simply sold on to unsuspecting customers. All of the complainants have described their devastation upon finding out their horses had been treated this way”.

Miss Lee was sentenced to 9-months imprisonment, suspended for two years and to 220 hours unpaid work. She was also ordered to pay £750 in prosecution costs.

How can you protect yourself from such a situation?  

Before you loan your horse to a stranger, or even someone you thought you knew really well, there are a few sensible precautions you should take. The UK HorseWatch Alliance, in association with NED, has put together a checklist which you can view online

Thanks Claire.  Thats awful.  Wish the sentance hadn't been suspended though.

On the other side of the coin our Alfie was gifted to a riding for the disabled yard nearby.  It was found that he suferred from alergies from mid July through to mid september and couldn't be used during that time so the trust found him an alternative home with one of their volunteer workers.  out of courtesy they informed the last owners who insisted on taking Alfie back - they then sold him to a trekking centre details of which I won't go into.  Come summer it was found (surprise surprse) that Alfie wasn't up to 4 hours a day across the moor so he was turned away to be sent with that autumns consignment of horses deemed not worth keeping through the winter that were due to be slaughtered.  Alfie is a pretty little 14hh 7yr old ride and drive pony that just can't cope with the pollen in the summer months - particularly knee high heather.  Fortunately we found out about Alfie and he was bought for meat price and now lives with our Georgie.  it doesn't matter that he can't work in the summer - we're too busy anyway and a nose net and some vaseline eases his condition - you'd never know there was anything wrong with him when he's in the field.  but there you are.  owners would rather turn a quick profit than let the horse go to a permanent careing home.  People never cease to amaze me although they frequesntly make me sick

debbie wrote:

People never cease to amaze me although they frequesntly make me sick

I agree with you wholeheartedly Debbie, to some "owners" a horse is just an expendable commodity that once it becomes too much aggro can be easily got rid of and replaced


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