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mrs tiggywinkle

Llangollen x 2 quite a few pics!!

Well what a brilliant day was had by all.  We left here about 8.15 to go to Llangollen and arrived there at 10 to pick up our boat. It wasnt one of the really long boats but suited us 3 just fine.

After we had turned round we set course for the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. It probably took us about 2. 1/2 hrs to get there. I didnt realise just how beautifull and quiet it was.

Some ruins of a castle we passed along the way...cant remember what its called!!!


The approach...

Us going along the aquaduct, Not as scary as I'd been led to believe. In fact I really enjoyed it.

Looking down at the Dee

It seems that we should have turned round just after the Aqueduct but for some reason we didnt do this so ended up going through the Whitehouse tunnel which is 174 meters long.

Did a quick turn around because by now we were going to be late back.. (there goes the deposit!!)

Anyway on the way back we had to open and close one of the little foot bridges

It was a lovely day, the weather was on our side and we stopped at a local Chinese restaurant for a meal on the way back.

Ps we didnt loose our deposite as we were only 15 mins late!!

God !  It all comes flooding back to me now. I still have the cold sweats thinking about going over that aqueduct.

Brilliant pictures Mrs T but I don't know how to bring this up but you've spelt Llangollen incorrectly. How long is it now that you've been living in Wales?
mrs tiggywinkle

too long! oh well whats an A and E between friends!!!!! all corrected now

Seriously it wasnt at all scarey.....well not when you've stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon!!!!

I get a nose bleed going upstairs. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I bet you fancy a week on the canals instead of the sun ?

Spot on mrs tiggywinkle looks lovely,i have always fancied a bit of that,maybe one day i might actually do it!!

Lovely pictures Mrs T - and you had great weather too!
I must have driven through Llangollen hundreds of times to and from the Midlands and I'm STILL saying I must take a trip on the canal.........
Rare one

Brilliant photos Mrs T, the Castle ruin was Dinas Bran  

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