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Karen and I have just booked to go and see The Kaiser Chiefs in Llandudno on February 22nd of November.      

The last time that we saw live music, Elvis was still in the building.
Rare one

Which one February or November        

It could very well be February.

I predict a riot...

Well it seems like ages ago, since on the spur of the moment we booked tickets to see The Kaiser Chiefs at Llandudno and tonight is the night !  

I might have to slip some ear plugs into my back pocket and check Karens bag to make sure that she hasn't got any knitting with her.  

I hope you both have an enjoyable night

Weatherspoons for us for dinner.
Dave C

Sounds like a real good night, enjoy mate  

A very enjoyable but a late night for us old fogies, we didn't get in until way after midnight. The Kaiser Chiefs were really very good and as for Ricky Wilson, I don't think I've ever seen someone put so much into an hour. He must be as fit as a bed tick, his performance didn't leave so much as an ounce behind!  

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