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Living with the Amish

Just watched a brilliant recorded programme  called  'Living with the Amish' Six UK teenagers go off to live with the Amish in America. It was fantastic viewing and as far as I can make out, the next programme in the series is on Channel 4 next Thursday at 10.00pm.

Watched it last week

I watched it - and was slightly annoyed when I saw the amount of modern technology the particular community they featured were using - they had a generator and used electric sewing machines and irons and various other things that you think they would be shunning!  I suppose there are different degrees of Amishness but it kind of struck me as a being a bit hypocritical - although they did seem like nice people!  

The thing that impressed me about the host couple was the sense of calmness about them, I'll be interested to see if it was just them or general to the Amish. TBH I would be more interested in a programme about the ordinary everyday life of the Amish without the intrusion of the young Brits. My daughter lives reasonably near an Amish community and bought me a small quilt a couple of years ago. It was machine pieced using a treadle machine but beautifully hand quilted.

It sounds as though they will be 'more Amish' in the next episode where they are getting them up for an early breakfast at 2am

Yup ! The clip for next weeks programme, painted a quick picture of the Amish family the kids will be staying with as being far more pushy. I'll certainly be watching it.

Yep, im watching it aswell  

got it on for record

We watched the latest episode last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Karen and I both turned to each other and said that if it wasn't for the bible bashing then their way of life would have much to commend it.
We missed the first series where the Amish youngsters came over here, which is a shame but this current one has been fascinating. We did note that the only people who through their beliefs would not have seen either series were the Amish themselves.

Puppy farming (in the most disgusting way) horses that are so thin you would not believe they can stand.  This unfortunately is what a lot of folks over here think of when they "see" Amish, or Mennonites etc. These animals to some of these people are just tools, and some folks abuse their tools.

I did say some of these people, I am sure they are not all like this.....but I have to say around here, it's the puppy farming...
One for the Pot

I have a few Amish friends that I go over the water to see. They have a great way of life,  strong community, and have taught me a thing or two.  Some of the locals (Non amish) do not like them or their ways and trouble does brew amongst them...good and bad as the saying goes.

Drop them off in a wood with no tools or food and they will survive.

The Amish in the last episode were a real wierd lot. They explained that they shared a lot of relatives and came over as a set of inbreds, nowhere near as nice as the famillies in the previous programmes.

I haven't seen the most recent one yet I need to watch it on catch up. I know among some Amish groups things like EvC syndrome[6 fingered dwarfism] are  not uncommon. If you live in a restricted community with a small gene pool and keep marrying your cousins it tends to happen, like Tay Sachs with orthodox jews,normal for Norfolk and some parts of Lincolnshire in earlier times and increasingly some sections of the British Asian community so it's only to be expected to be a problem for the Amish and it'll get worse.

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