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Living the Good life

See how we fared in our move to NZ to pursue our dream of the Good life. Read of our ups and downs, all things good and bad and how we've settled into a life we could only dream about in the UK. And meet our animals including goats who sleep on sofas! rolleyes.gif

I have fallen rather behind with my blog but I hope to update it soon

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green man

Very enjoyable NZP,  by the way the 'amazing video' has been deleted.

Aww! Has it? That's a shame it was very good! It was a French mime artist called Jerome somebody!

Glad you enjoyed the blog. Been a bit slack lately but then since we've moved I have to put up with dial-up and everything will take so bloomin' long!


Hey GM! There was another few links on that page, try this one!

I hope you're not on dial up!!
green man

Very skillful, loved the music

Please edit your original post and stick two small pictures on it, to give people a flavour of whats to come if you would.

Yes Boss!  

There you are NZ  You must admit it looks a lot better :-)  :-)  :-)

Lovely blog NZ, you are very lucky you know, wish I was a bit younger.  I'd go somewhere more exciting!!!!!


We do consider ourselves to be very lucky GM, it was one of those decisions made at just the the right time. Often getting the timing right is the key, luck was on our side for sure.

It's a great lifestyle and we love it. NZ isn't perfect by any means, where is? But you have to think of all the positives and there are many!

When I get a chance I will update my blog, I've got heaps to catch up on.

Really enjoyed reading  about your life style. Well done you obviously love your life style and who could blame you. Chasing your dreams is very important or who know's what might have been.  

For anyone who's interested, I've been updating my blog!

Still more to come yet!

NZPOME wrote:
For anyone who's interested, I've been updating my blog!

I know, I've just been for another look at it :-)
It seems strange to see a metal roof :-?  How does that cope with the extremes of weather?

Hi Bex, the roof seems to cope ok, as long as it's fitted correctly it should be fine. Although we don't seem to get too extreme weather, no snow here, but plenty of rain! And some high winds to at times, last place had tiles and we lost a few in some stormy weather last year.

I expect we'll here the rain more as it hits the roof but I rather like that sound, or I would if we actually had some bloomin' rain! rolleyes.gif

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