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Liver damage - fluke?

Went up the yard tonight & the pony whose field mine shares with had to be pts. She was found in the fence/ditch in the corner of the field. The vet said she had had a fit & appears to have liver damage.  Has anyone had this happen to them? Im now a bit concerned about maybe liver fluke? the fields boggy in the winter.
The pony who's died has been living in the field for 6 years & she was only 10 yo.. Mines only been in there 15 months & if you take into account being in over winter & rainy days probably only adds up to 12 months grazing, plus they had been in another field for about 8 weeks as ours had been fertilised.

Wasnt sure whether to put in here or smallholders?

I had a horse die many years ago with liver damage caused by clostridium poisoning as his liver wasn't cleaning out the toxins from his blood. I would suggest speaking to your vet and seeing if there are any tests that are available and what you can do to stop anything happening to your pony. Maybe also try abit of "googling" and see what comes up.


The other culprit for liver damage is ragwort poisoning. You say, though that the pony's been owned for 6 years - I'm not sure how long it takes to develop. Has it been fed from a reliable source of hay?
I once knew someone whose horse died from liver failure due to ragwort poisoning picked up some time before she bought it.
Sorry - can't answer about liver fluke, I don't know!

Thanks for the replies. been googling lots & some of the reading is quite worrying, talking of mycotoxins which are found in feed, grazing etc & quite a few cases.
Sorry you lost one in the past ClaireK.

On searching the field today found some ragwort, OH said that some had been eaten. Hes started digging it out.
Have decided my girl will be staying in - at least til we can clear & fence off an area. She'll have turnout while I muck her out etc.  
The googling also brought up the hay etc Unfortunately, I am at livery & we have to buy hay/straw off the owner who buys it in
Blood tests are available but all in all not cheap & there is also biopsy, very dear.  
Im going to get some milk thistle which acts as a detox (just in case) & I know there is a wormer that can be injected that will do liver fluke as well, will have to find out what one it is.
Any other tips will be much appreciated  

Agree with Seabird. Ragwort is the main culprit. I had a horse that also got liver disease from being pumped full of steroids for sweetitch by his previous owner.

Crikey, thats a bit worrying about the steroids

Anyway, am keeping everything crossed, but got asked by a friend at the yard if I would be interested in moving to the yard over the road (same yard owner) as may be a stable coming up over there &........ the field is weed free! & fairly dry fingers crossed

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