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Captain Cockerel

Live Chat...?

This may already be happening via MSN/AIM etc.. Esp as there are obviously quite a few folks on here who know each other well from previus sites but... I used to frequent another site where there was a designated time in the week where a some kind of "live chat room" was initiated. Obviously this would detract from posting on the website but in my experience, when limited to once a week for example, could be great fun and even enhance friendships.

Any thoughts...?


This is something that we ARE thinking about.......we need the technical bods of the forum to look into it.
Will get back to you on this one.
Captain Cockerel


Nice one Kaz....


Good work on the site, very impressive..


Presumably though this would only be for REGISTERED and known peeps to access? Otherwise I can see a world of hurt being brought upon us.

Maybe, and I'm not sure how it would work as I'm not a techie - how about members only and each member has to enter a password to get onto live chat? or is that going too far? I've joined in a live chat thing on another forum and have to say, I felt distinctly uncomfortable that people who I didn't know could just watch what was being said.

It's definitely something to be looked into.
Captain Cockerel


that's exactly how I remembered it working... Only registered users able to join in...

Bit of a larff.... and a little less impersonal..


I use a live chat sometimes at another forum. I enjoy it but there was some trouble with it so now the logs are saved for 5 days incase moderating and slapping of wrists is required - only admin can view the saved logs I think. But mostly it's not abused and is very enjoyable. Only registered members can use it so no unknown lurkers.

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