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Litter on the Beach

The holiday makers have gone home now and its a time, when I can look forward to having the beaches almost to myself.
Last night some of the local kids must have had a bit of a beach party and so when I took Grace the labrador for a walk this morning, I had to traverse in excess of 200 empty bottles and cans. Now I'm no prude and I like a bit of a party myself but why on earth leave all that rubbish in such a beautiful spot ? The thick sods obviously can't see that they are only making a rod for their own backs. Rest assured, someone will make a complaint and their get togethers will be stopped.It completely spoiled the peace and tranquility of my walk.

They would certainly have had a good haul on our local beach.

Deposits on cans, bottles and jars would IMO sort out the UKs litter problem and give folks something useful and profitable to do with their time.

How about education perhaps?

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