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Link or patty?

Trapped this small boar yesterday morning on the edge of the swamp.  I think Eli is now certified pig dog.  Pretty sure he likes it better.  My buddy Tom/Lucky is sticking it.  We dressed it out and since its a boar I have it soaking in ice, vinegar and coca cola even though he didn't seem too musky.  Plan on processing it this weekend just haven't decided how yet.


Great post BB. Well in Eli. Pity we havn't got wild Pig's here. There have been reports of ferrel  Pigs up in the hills. But there is a little to much 'Mountain Dew' consumed to be accurate  



Be careful what you wish for.  Feral hogs are a real problem.

Most farmers curse them cause they do a lot of crop damage and they reproduce very quickly.  I have mixed feelings about them cause a peanut or corn fattened wild pig makes for some good cheap eating and if we could just keep the population to where I can kill one pig for every two deer I'll be a happy camper.  Course I best keep these sentiments to myself.

Sounds ideal to have a ready source of meat 'on the hoof', so to speak. I can well imagine the problems they cause though!

Incidentally, I'm assuming that the reason for the soaking is to avoid boar-taint in the meat? But does the vinegar leave a strong flavour too? Or does it just help clear any taint from the carcass?

Yes, it pulls the musky taint out of the meat.  Sometimes the smaller one's like this one don't have any taint but I'm just being careful cause I cannot stand that taste in meat.  When I cleaned him I got a small whiff of the taint and it really wasn't bad and I probably could get by without it but better safe than sorry.

The carcus is floating in about 50 gallons of ice and water that has been doctored with 1/2 gallon of vinegar and 4 litres of coke.  I'll add more ice and drain the excess water each day and when its done most of the vinegar and coke will be drained and it will just be mostly water.

I do something similar with goat but I actually try to keep the vinegar in there as a marinade.  Basically I make an italian dressing marinade of sorts and its delicious when cooked with lemons, oranges and onions.

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