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Dave C

Lining out stables

Just had my first 3 stables delivered and i need to get them lined asap

it was my intension to use 18mm Marine ply, but have you seen the price of it  

So now i am thinking 12mm normal ply, but someone surgested using 18mm Sterling board, but i did think that it would stand up to the moisture in the stables.

what do you think??

We have used shuttering board for all our stables

All I've seen here use 12mil cheap as ply

Is there anyone near to you selling Hot tubs?

The majority of them are delivered on 16mm thick X 1 mtr X 2 mtr plywood pallets. Mikki, Keith and I have between us recently collected over 50 of them from 3 different local hot tub retailers.

It only took a few minutes to remove the blocks and lead boards from each plywood pallet, and I now have a nice big pile of plywood in the shed for the 3 of us to do some future projects with. I'll be replacing the very tired MDF shelf tops on my workshop racking, and then making myself a large paint drying box. with a few of these pieces of plywood. Lois wants a new coppersmithing bench making, Mikki and Keith want to line the insides if their sheds and I sure we can all find additional jobs for free plywood.

12mm & horses sounds a little thin unless the stud work is very close together.

We can get 18mm 2.7 x 1.2 ply seconds here from mill at $15 shame you arn't near here   I just got some treated all up $18.00
Dave C

kaz wrote:
We have used shuttering board for all our stables

Is that Shuttering Ply, or Sterling Board and what thickness have you used.

I used sterling board for the barn and stables kept cattle sheep and horses in there.  

There is a bit of rotting at the bottom in places where the guttering was playing up outside, but nothing not easily fixable.  Its all been up for 15 or so years so doing good service.  I couldnt afford anything else at the time.
cold comfort farm


shuttering board is made from phonolic binders and is semi waterproof.  Just use PVA on the edges.

I cut my own spruce and milled it into 1" planks with a chainsaw mill, obviously only possible if you have your own trees.

have you looked at recycled plastic sheets? 8x4 is about 35 pound never need paint plus pony wont eat it!

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