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Lincoln (the film)

Saw this last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.

A bit heavy in parts, and a few left halfway through.
Not a biography as the title implies. The film simply dealt with Lincoln's fight to get the anti slavery bill passed before signing the peace treaty with the South. Mostly set in the White House and the Senate, with only a couple of brief and graphic battle scenes.

I like historical accuracy, and this film, for me, evoked the era - the Victorian clutter in a very gloomy White House lit by gaslight with heavy lace curtains - coal fires and cigar smoke adding to the gloom. And Sally Field, as Lincoln's wife, looking natural and not covered in modern Hollywood style makeup.

It's prompted me to read more about the American Civil war era - something I don't know much about at all.

Im unsure if this has been down here yet or if Ive missed it completely.  Its a film I'd have liked to see.

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