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This year noticed bright red cutter beetles all over the plants...destroyed as and when...
Yesterday, Sunday sat in the garden with my dear lady, noticed the leaves were missing, coming into flower, but the leaves were just a black sludge....

Can only imagine, the red beetles had laid their eggs and the grubs that appeared from what was obviously their own extrement ...pair of gloves a good spray with washing up liquid / dilluted....chucked them on the paths and patio...

Am I Presuming rightly they were the next generation of Lily cutter beetles?

Yes - Lily Beetles.

I have been picking them off my plants for a month or so now - I do it every year, and it seems to be having an effect and a few less each year.

Be careful you don't destroy the Cardinal Beetles which are a little larger and are good garden predators.  

Link to  ---  Lily Beetles

Link to  ---  Cardinal Beetles

Ugh they are disgusting things! I regularly inspect my lillies and squish the beetles and grubs. They are getting more frequent - years ago they were confined to the South East, now they are everywhere. love Lizzie

I don't know that I would be able to tell them apart after looking at those 2 links

Once you "get your eye in" as they say there is a difference.  I think the lily beetles are a little smaller and slimmer, AND they try to hide and escape behind the leaves, whereas the cardinal beetles (being hunters) are that bit bolder.

All the best

kaz wrote:
I don't know that I would be able to tell them apart after looking at those 2 links

I was thinking the same Kaz  

This is a good link  Click Here  
It shows them on the same page, and you can see they are a bit different size and shape plus
the cardinal beetle has a RED HEAD
the lily beetle has a BLACK HEAD

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