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Probally seen it every day going to and from work, especially now the time shift has happened but never really thought about it.

I work on a the edge of a retail/commercial park.
It's as dead as a Dodo after about 9pm and before 7am yet there are shops, offices, showrooms etc. with all lights blazing 24/7.
Should this Nanny State of ours impose extra tax on these peoples electricity bills for use "outside hours". Keeping the lights on serves no purpose at all, there isn't passing trade, window shoppers etc.
Surely if nothing else they would save on their leccy bills, all for the outlay of a timer on their boards. Multiply this over the whole country and it must make a bit of a dent in "our" footprint?

I hadn't thought about this until I read this thread.
You will see the same in any shopping centre.
They will probably say that it is a security measure but with the trend towards energy saving it can't really be justified.
Surely these businesses would all save money if they switched lights off and that is what business is about rolleyes.gif

To get round the security issue - if it was all on a sensor - the lights would be off when no-one was about wouldn't they?  What's the next excuse?

Big businesses are metered anyway and just don't care.

Like you say, they reckon its a security measure for when the guards come round, but when the guards are not there, it just means any thieves can actually see what they are nicking!!!  :-)

And there's the shop doors wide open on the high street with Kilowatts of heat pouring out into the open and being wasted.That won't do our footprint any good. :smt103  :angry4:

grannieannie wrote:
. . .  it just means any thieves can actually see what they are nicking!!!  :-)

and heaven forbid they should harm themselves by tripping over something - but hey, they could put in a personal injury claim then couldn't they!  :angry4:

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